Blogging lessons from supermarkets

What can bloggers learn from Supermarkets?

Inspiration is all around us. The moment we start looking for more, even the smallest of things have a lot to offer. 

Supermarkets are everywhere and sometimes even next to each other. Inside those endless aisles filled with thousands of products, there are so many lessons for bloggers.

Blogging lessons from Supermarkets

What can Bloggers learn from Supermarkets

1. Organization

Every product in the supermarket is organized into broader categories and it helps the shoppers (except me) to find what they need.

Now think of your blog as a supermarket. Are all your posts grouped into categories based on the content? Are all categories accessible from the top menu? Have you grouped the subcategories under each category?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of the questions, you know what to do next.

Looking for examples? Here’s my favorite – TheSavvyCouple

Blogging lessons from Supermarkets


A place for everything, everything in its place

2. Reinforce your brand’s goals

All the supermarkets have one thing in common – they provide massive savings for shoppers. Each supermarket has it’s tagline/motto that is omnipresent inside the store in different forms and wordplays. 

For example, Nofrills’s tagline is ‘won’t be beat’. Inside the store, you will find phrases that resonate the same – ‘lower food prices’, ‘onions can make you cry, our prices won’t’ etc

This is staying consistent with your branding. If your blog stands for something, you need to ensure your brand’s message is loud and clear. Be creative. Play around with words but reiterate your blog’s goals. 

3. Eye level is Buy level

If you are looking to find cheaper products in a category, you must check the lowest row and not the one that is easily reachable when you are standing. The products that the supermarkets want you to buy are usually at the ‘eye level’

If you have any products/courses to sell, the best place on your blog is your home page. This has to be visible to your readers in the first 5 or 10 seconds without any efforts. 

If you are a newbie blogger without any course to promote, don’t worry. Place the articles/pages that you want your audience to take a look first. Many bloggers have a ‘start here’ or a ‘How to start’ page that has the welcome content as well as resources for the readers.

Some bloggers also have their ‘most read’ / must – read posts in prominent positions. 

4. Provide Free Samplers

Even the strongest of hearts cannot resist the smoking hot free samplers provided inside the supermarkets. How to spot them in a super vast supermarket? Simple. Spot a group of people together, that’s where they are. 

You have a reader coming into your website and reading an article. If you are lucky, he will read one more. While he is doing that, you should offer him something in gratitude as he is spending time on your website. Create a freebie that’s in line with your blog’s goals, which will provide value and give it to the visitor. 

The added bonus is adding their email id to your list of subscribers. It’s a win-win. If you are a beginner blogger, I strongly recommend Mailerlite for email marketing.

5. Bundled Offers

In the supermarkets, you will find a lot of bundled deals closer to the checkout lanes. Do you know why? When you are closer to the checkout lanes, you are about to exit the store and you need to make decisions faster. If the deal looks good, you will pick it impulsively. 

Blogging lessons from supermarkets

Picture this. You have three e-books on sale. A reader is impressed with one book and he added it to the cart. Just before he checks out if you add a checkbox that says “Get 2 more books @ $10 and save 50%”, your chances of conversion for selling the other two books go through the roof.

6. Create your own line of products

This gets interesting. When supermarkets opened to the masses, it had products from all the brands under each category. People saw the value of saving money and time by buying everything in one place and it has become a habit. 

Now that we have the people coming in every day, the supermarkets have got the audience figured out. Along with the international brands, the supermarkets slowly introduced their own brands for each category and priced it cheaper to attract the shoppers. 

Think of any major supermarket, you will immediately recollect their own brand of products because they do not confine themselves to just one category. It is the one brand you would see in all the aisles. Since it is their own space, they can even reserve the best spots for their own line of products which can result in increased profits. 

What can bloggers learn from this? As a newbie blogger, you can start producing good content for your readers, build a following and increase your traffic through multiple means. You can promote products you like as an affiliate and if you are honest and helpful, your readers will trust your reviews and buy products using your affiliate link. You can earn some money in the process. 

Once you have figured out the source of traffic through SEO and a regular income from your blog, you can invest your time and money to build courses based on your expertise. When your visitors believe in your abilities to help them solve a problem, they will purchase them from your own website increasing your profits. 

7. Increase the time spent by the user

Supermarkets usually do not have windows or clocks because they do not want shoppers to keep track of time. The more time they spend in the supermarket, the more money they will spend. This is one of the reasons why the staple food items are always nested deep inside the supermarket. In order to buy them, a shopper has to go through multiple aisles which will have attractive offers and products that are hard to resist. 

No, I am not recommending sending your readers on a wild goose chase inside your blog just to increase the time spent on your website. When you really understand your audience, you know what they need. Make it easier for them by taking them through the steps and keeping it interesting at the same time. 

If a concept is hard to explain through words and screenshots, shoot a video tutorial and include it in the blog post. When they watch videos on your website, they will spend a longer time than usual. Quizzes, calculators, infographics, videos – pick whichever works better for the content.

Blogging Lessons from Supermarkets

I have always been fascinated by how every aspect of a supermarket works to get the shoppers to spend the maximum without feeling guilty. I have written an extensive article on the sales hacks used by supermarkets as a part of my sales blog and you can read it here

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