Do you get side business ideas during your shower that you want to start working on?

Do you read articles about Startups and their business ideas and you feel you could start a business as well with a much better business idea?

Does every thoughtful conversation about life with your best friend often end with “We need to start a side business”?

If you answered yes or nodded, then this website is created with the goal to help you get started with your side business / side hustle. 

You need not quit your 9 to 5 job immediately. That helps you pay your bills and EMIs. Start allocating an hour or two daily to work on your favorite idea.

We will bring you the most common as well as unique side hustles/business ideas that you can start depending on your strengths and interests. 

In this website, we will analyze the following for each side business idea

  • Costs involved
  • The competition
  • Tools and Apps required
  • The time commitment required
  • Market Opportunity

Side business ideas are all around us. It takes some observation skills and basic research to understand what will work as a business and what’s doable by you. When you find that sweet spot, you are all set to kickstart your hustle.