How to treat your blog as a business?

How to treat your blog as a business?

Making money from your blogging journey will start once you start considering Blogging as a full-fledged business. Just writing a blog post whenever you find time will not cut it. It requires a lot of planning and it has to be run like your own business. Easier said than done, right?

Let’s look at how you can start treating your blog as a business.

Blog as a business

8 Ways to start treating your blog as a business

1. Use a Timer

Switch on a timer whenever you work on your blog. It may be writing a blog post or zeroing down on the next blog topic to write about or creating a pin. Anything that you do for your blog should be timed. 

How to treat your blog as a business

This has multiple advantages. You will be surprised to know how much (or how little) time you are spending on your blog. This will also help you decide on the tools that can save some time. One of the major advantages of clocking the time is the decrease in your distractions during your blogging time. When the clock is running, we are usually more productive. 

Recommended Tools: Toggl or Andco

2. Take up a freelance writing assignment

You must be thinking that this is in no way related to treating your blog as a business. But, hear me out. One of the major tasks in blogging is content writing.

Try and find a freelance writing gig and complete the project. Calculate the number of hours that you spent working on the project and also take the amount earned from the project. 

How to treat your blog as a business

This will help you to understand your opportunity costs. This will give you a clear picture of what you would earn when you spend your blogging time on freelance writing assignments. 

When you understand how much money you can make per hour writing for a client, you will start taking blogging very seriously. The best part is you can do both and earn more by planning your time better. 

The easiest way to find a content writing gig is to check with your friends if they need help with creating content for their pet projects. If they know you as a blogger already, they would be happy to work with you than a random online freelancer.

3. Invest in your Blog

There are very few businesses that can be started and run without any investments. Blogging is definitely not on the list. The basic expenses like domain buying or server hosting cannot be really considered as an investment as the costs are only between $ 50 to $ 100 per year.

If you are a new to blogging and wondering how much does it cost to start a blog, read this article

Rather than spending a lot of time learning a new thing by trial and error, you can cut down on the time of your learning curve by purchasing courses. 

The price of the courses can start anywhere between 30 $ to 400 $. When you invest in courses like these, you will definitely take a lot more action as you would like to see the return on your investments.

It does not mean you have to buy ebooks/courses often as there are thousands of courses out there and the bloggers are getting way better in writing sales copy. My advice is to buy a comprehensive course on a particular subject than a course that promises the basics of everything as you can learn the basics from Youtube and other blogs. 

After a lot of research, I zeroed down on a perfect resource of building your traffic using Pinterest. It is a 170+ page e-book and it is as comprehensive as it can get. I strongly recommend it and I have started seeing encouraging results but I have a long way to go. 

how to treat your blog as a business
The Pinterest resource I trust

Pro Tip: If there are bloggers you follow and trust, check out their resources page and invest in the courses they recommend. Buy a course, take action and make some money. Invest the money in the next course.

4. Let the world know you are a blogger

When you start a business, you will definitely not keep it to yourself. You need customers to buy or do business with you. In the same way, let your world know that you are a blogger. You need readers.

Whenever you publish a blog post, share it on your social media channels. 90% of your friends or family would not be interested but they will be watching your progress silently. 

treat your blog as a business

When they need help with starting a blog or creating content, you would be the first one they will reach out to as they remember you as a blogger. So go make some noise. 

5. Track your Finances

When you are running a business, you will have to keep a continuous tab on the expenses and the revenue. You have to do the same for your blog as well. Keep track of every investment you make that is related to your blog. 

treating your blog as a business

Any revenue that comes through your blog has to be accounted as well. You can use a simple excel sheet to make note of your expenses and income. This will come in handy when you want to write those inspiring income reports in the future.

“What’s measured will definitely improve”

Even if you made 40 $ profit after expenses in a month from blogging, you are still better than a majority of the bloggers as according to stats, 81% of the bloggers have never made even $ 100 from their blog.

6. Create a Ritual for your readers

Let’s say you publish a blog post every Sunday. After you are done with your blog post, you will share the same with your subscribers through email on Sunday. When you do this for three to four weeks, your subscribers will get used to your blogging routine.

Treat your blog as a business

I receive a newsletter that rounds up blog posts, videos and recommended reading every Sunday from Allen Gannett, the author of the book “The Creative Curve”

Every Friday, I receive an email from Pardeep Goyal, the blogger behind Cashoverflow, one of the best personal finance blogs in India. This is not just for bloggers. Even content creators and YouTubers have a routine. 

You are more likely to become a consistent blogger when you have a routine. Your target audience will get used to your routine and you can expect higher open rates and conversions.

7. Build a brand and not just a blog

Your blog has to be treated like your very own brand. There are millions of blogs out there and one of the easiest ways to stand out is to create a brand for your blog.

If you have plans to sell products or courses in the future, having a brand really helps as people trust and buy from brands. Your blog has to add value consistently and has to look and feel unique.

This uniqueness quotient of your blog will come from you – your expertise, your writing style, visual content etc. 

Get a logo done from Fiverr ($10 – $15) – One time

Get a domain email ID ($ 5 per month from GSuite) – Recurring

Invest in a professional theme ( $30 – $50) – One time

Use a professionally taken picture for your About page. People buy from people and it is important to come across as a person who can be trusted. So be your best self. 

8. Reward yourself on wins

Celebrate your small wins in your blogging journey. Only when you reward yourself, you will feel the urge to do more and you will start loving what you do.

When you start a side hustle, you will earn additional income. Your additional income can go towards getting something that you always wanted but felt guilty coming from your full-time pay-check. 

How to treat your blog as a business?

Visit a new country, go on a cruise, take your family out to an exotic dinner, buy the new airpods or whatever you really want.

We are all humans and this reward theory (positive reinforcement theory) works well even for animals. It is one of the basic ways for training animals to do something. 

If you have made it this far, I can tell you are serious about your blogging goals. Good luck slaying them all. You are all set to start treating your blog as a business.

Did I miss something on the list here? Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments. 

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treat your blog as a business


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