How to promote your blogpost – Beginners’ Guide

So you have hit the ‘publish’ button. Congratulations. Rather than looking at the site stats every fifteen minutes after publishing a blog post, you can do these 12 things to promote your blog post to your audience and beyond. 

Spend 20% of your time creating great content and 80% of your time promoting it

You might spend a couple of hours every day for a few days to write a long-form blog post. The same amount of time if not more, has to be spent on distributing the content as well.

How to promote your blogpost

12 Ways to promote your blog post

1. Share it on your social media accounts

If I were to put this in the form of an Instagram emoji, it is Basic. This is where your friends and family members are. If the topic is slightly relevant to what they want to read, you might get a spike in your traffic. 

It also depends on your niche. If you are blogging on a topic related to your work or studies, there may not be a lot of takers. But if it’s about a generic topic like Travel, Restaurants, Experiences, Personal Finance, self-help etc, there will definitely be a lot of your friends who will be interested in what you are up to. 

Facebook and Twitter – Post/Tweet on your wall

Instagram – Link in Bio and add a story indicating that your new post is added as a link in bio

2. Answer a related question on Quora

Head straight to Quora and search for a question related to your blog post. Go to the search bar and paste your blog title. Use related keywords and find the questions to answer. This is called ‘repurposing content’

Let’s look at the related questions on Quora for this blog post

How to promote your blogpost
Found a related question that’s highly viewed

Do not copy your entire blog post into your Quora answer. Take some time to pick up the important points of your blog and add them alone in the form of an interesting answer. Leave a link at the end suggesting the users to read the entire article on your website. 

I had answered a question on Quora related to my earlier posts on ‘ How much does it cost to start a blog?’ 

Promoting your blogpost

5 visitors from that Quora answer in the past 30 days. Once I answer more relevant questions related to my blog posts, this traffic will keep improving.

3. Republish on Medium

Medium is an awesome platform for bloggers to republish their content. There have been instances when a particular article did not do well on the blog but the same one attracted a lot of traffic on Medium. 

Medium allows you to import stories directly from your blog. If you are republishing immediately, use the import option. I normally give it a week before I republish my blog post on Medium. 

When you import a story, Medium takes the blog’s published date into account and places the article as published on the exact same date. Not good for traffic. So I always use the ‘Write a story’ option if I choose to republish later. 

One more reason to be excited for republishing your blog post on Medium is the Medium Partner program. It pays you based on the views and applause that you receive for your article. 

I gave it a try last week and republished my previous blog post – ‘ How to find what you are great at ‘ on Medium. Here’s a snapshot of how much I earned for a week for that particular article.

Here are the first week’s stats for the article:

Views: 316 – Reads: 98 – Fans: 4

Once you have a decent following on Medium, you can make some sweet money on the side just by republishing your blog posts. I have just 216 followers now. Show me some love here.

You can also try to publish your article on Medium through a relevant publication which will help you reach more readers. 

4. Share in relevant Facebook groups

There are thousands of blogging groups on Facebook. Join relevant blogging facebook groups and take part in their daily threads.

These groups are run by bloggers and each group will have a specific schedule – click through day, follow day, share day and lots more. The bloggers in the group will share their posts accordingly and you can do the same with breaking the regulations. 

If you have a Facebook group, you can share your latest blog post every time as long as it is useful to your group members. Some blogging groups conduct blogging challenges as well.  

Some of my favorite FB groups for blogging are Blogging with purpose, Blogging as Business, and Learn Blogging in 100 days

Pro Tip: Quality over Quantity. Groups with lesser member count who are highly active will beat the group with a higher member count who are inactive.

5. Republish on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been going through a massive transformation and high-quality user-generated content has been a major differentiator.

Instead of just sharing your blog post as a post on your LinkedIn profile, you can republish the article on LinkedIn pulse as it has a much better reach.

How to promote your blogpost
Published initially on my Sales Blog

I gave it a couple of days and republished the same on LinkedIn.

How to promote your blogpost?
The same post republished on LinkedIn

It gives you an opportunity to build your personal brand and also introduce your blog to your LinkedIn network comprising of coworkers, clients, leads etc.

6. Email your subscribers

There is a popular saying in the Internet marketing world. 

“Money is in the list”

Your subscribers have expressed interest to receive updates about your website and they should be the first to know when your article is published. 

Do not just share the blog post link. Give a background on why you think it is helpful for your subscribers and some additional secrets that are not revealed in the blog post. This will make your subscribers happy. 

7. Add it to your Email Signature

One of the most famous growth hacks used by Hotmail in the earlier days to increase its user base was to add a line at the bottom of every email sent by its users. 

“Get Your Free Email at Hotmail”

When the recipients clicked this link, they will be taken to the sign-up page and they can set an account for free. Hotmail got 3000 new users every single day and within six months, they had over a million users.

In the same way, add a link to your blog in your email signature. If it’s related to your domain, you can add it to your official email’s signature as well. 

This is not a common thing in the email signature and hence your colleagues or recipients of the email will definitely take notice and even read them. Just keep changing the same everytime a new blog post is published. 

8. Use Content Aggregators

If you are a Reddit user, you would already know how things can go viral out of nowhere on Reddit. Join relevant subreddits and be an active contributor. 

If you are logging in every time just to share your latest blog post in one of the relevant threads in a subreddit, there is a high chance that you will get flagged and marked as spam. 

So tread with caution when it comes to Reddit and add enough value before you share your work. Rule of thumb is to promote your post in 1 out of 10 instances and not more. 

One of my other favorite aggregators is Hackernews that is comparatively less risky and you can share your blog post there with a catchy title. 

Who to follow: My favorite when it comes to finding free traffic resources is Mick Meaney and you can check out his videos here.

9. Share with your blogger friends

From the courses you take or the blogging support groups that you are a part of, you might have made some friends who are into blogging as well.

The ones you reach out to, whenever you are trying to fix an issue with a plugin or a theme. Let them know about your latest blog post and share the link. They might even share it with their network and you can do the same for them. 

Have a handshake deal with fellow bloggers

This will lead to the cross-pollination of the audiences and content creators (musicians, YouTubers) do this all the time by collaborating with fellow artists. 

10. Convert your blog post into a video

When you write listicles like the one you are reading now, it is easier to convert the same into a video using online tools. You can include the video inside your blog post itself and also publish on your channel (if you have one)

Videos increase the time spent by a user on the website. Many prefer watching videos than reading in text form. We should have something for everyone and videos can definitely add a lot of value in terms of SEO. 

As the internet is becoming cheaper and faster every day, video consumption is at an all-time high and it shows no signs of slowing down.

My favorite tool when it comes to creating a video from a blog post is Lumen5. Using this tool, it takes 15 minutes to make customizations and ten minutes to render. So in less than 15 minutes, you would have created a good looking explainer video about your blog post.

How to convert your blogpost into video?
Can create videos in multiple formats

Here’s a video that I created using Lumen5 for this article in under 15 minutes.

11. Pinterest

For many established bloggers, Pinterest is their favorite traffic source and they believe its far easier to go viral on Pinterest than through SEO. Create beautiful pins about your blog post using Canva and pin it on your Pinterest profile. 

I have just started using Pinterest and I will share the results of my experiments in a few months. The results will take time but once you start seeing the results, you can double down on what works. 

If you are planning to kickstart your Pinterest game, I would highly recommend buying this e-book “Making Pinterest Possible”.

This 172-page e-book breaks down Pinterest and guides you to master the platform with examples and case studies. It is worth every penny and comes with a lot of valuable freebies including $30 credits to Tailwind.

How to master pinterest?

You just have to follow the book to the T and it is a very interesting and practical read filled with loads of checklists.

Are you already active on Pinterest? Pin this article if you enjoyed it.

How to promote your blogpost

12. Keep an eye on On-page SEO

It is very easy to tick all the boxes for on-page SEO when you use a plugin like Yoast / All in one SEO pack on your WordPress blog.

Having the desired keyword, meta description, having focus keyword in heading tags, using images, using alt tags with focus keywords for images, sprinkling the desired keyword a few times inside your blog post are some of the factors that you can keep a tab on. 

This is easier to do when you are writing the blog or you can choose to do this even after publishing or making edits to the blog post. 

This is the beginners’ guide to promoting your blog post and once you achieve higher levels of success with blogging, you would need to invest in keyword research, competitor analysis, affiliate marketing etc to make money from your blog. 

Blogging takes a longer time to become profitable but if you are smart and hardworking, you can get to see results way faster than the others. Are you wondering if Blogging is relevant in 2018? Read this

I would love to hear your ideas/hacks in promoting your blog post. Share them in the comments for everyone to learn 🙂



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